Hidden Dimensions

In what does consist Reality?

Beyond 4-D

With R3 and Time added in…

Of what does exist reality?

Hidden dimensions?  An other-world Sphere?

In what does Consist Reality?


What is the basis of Victory?

What is the Might of Physical activity?

What is the power of Understanding?

In what does exist Reality?


Is Victory more than War?

And War more than fury…

And the furiest fury of all tied up deep with in the brain…?


Physical strength for activity.  A power to move and not be moved.

A power of grace and locomotion truth.


Understanding, understanding, what are you?

Are you as elusive as truth?

Are you the beats of the beat beat beat?

Are you strength of a rising chorus

As numbers count the steps of the feet?


Strength for Physical Activity.

Might for Power of War.

Light through ascension Understanding Honorable Mention


Truth of What is Reality?


Or am I just living a dream?

An isolated microcosm where I alone exist?

Possibly possibly just me.

Possibly, but then…

Who are you?


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