Menace to Society

They say I’m going too fast,

That I need to slow down.


I push the pedal to the medal

Go all the faster just to piss them off!

Li’l Sandy heralded my arrival

Back to the United of States

Didn’t know marathon was canceled that year

Used to watch it on TV

Dreaming of me in that there marathon

New York City


They attract now upper middle class,

But I ain’t no upper middle class

I got no class at all; I ‘m the poorest of the poor.

One time I started to count the things I had bought myself.

Decided that if I gave it all back,

I’d have to walk naked through the streets.

And I’d have no bed to sleep.

But I don’t care.


It’s been 11 years since my mother called me, Menace to Society

…It’s been 11 years.

Only one thing I ever wanted to be!

8th grade Careers class I was 14

Wrote my resume and letter

To be a cross-country coach.

All I ever wanted to be.

To teach people Run an not Be Weary

Walk and not Faint

Rise With Wings as Eagles

And tear through the streets.


When the motorists try to run me over,

I stare them down with my eyes.

I say Fuck You! in my mind

And just keep tearing through the streets.

Like a fuckin’ animal.


And censorship don’t mean  nothin’ to me.

And I don’t mean nothin’ to them.

But I keep tearin’ through the streets

Just like Sandy right before me

Wrecking destruction in my wake.

Collateral Damage,  It ain’t my fault.

They shoulda got outta  my way


My (married) once told me I had a superpower.

Like a spider-man.

I know what it is now:

To piss people off with hyper-velocity!

I hardly ever sleep

I just run run like there’s no tomorrow

Running through the streets.

And sometimes they shout, Run Forrest, Run!

What up, mudderfuckers!


I had planned to return

Ways abouts June of dat year 2012,

But I didn’t move til December

Wanted to finish my year of teaching.

Poverty itching.  Still.

But I finished my year of teaching that year.

In that there country

Before such mayhem broke out.


I guess it’s satisfyin’

Rememberin’ how I chased the thief down

Who stole my cell  phone.

And he threw it!

Didn’t think I could do it!

Chase ‘im down like that!

If any thief in the night strikes, I’m ready to strike him back!

Are you?

Ain’t stealin’ nothin’ from me!

No way in hell!

I’ve been trained, practiced to watch for thieves.

And I’ve learned from the very best!

Peruvian landscape slide to the top of the rift.


So I run like there’s no tomorrow.

I run like I chased that thief.

I run like there’s no tomorrow,.

I run, and I run through the streets.

And I ran La Leche League, I got embarrassed by the name of the “T”.

I got embarrassed by the name of the “T”

Can I get it in writing?

Can I get an Amen?


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