Anti-Christ Type Comparisons

I filled up a list of the characteristics of the anti-Christ as given in Daniel, Revelation, and Isaiah.

Such as,

Shall Make War through the Declaration of Peace. (Daniel 8:25)

Shall not respect the desire of women. (Daniel 11:37)

Shall exalt himself above the Gods. (Daniel 11:36)

Shall go forth conquering wonderfully. (Daniel 11:16)

Shall flatter away those of the covenant to gain intelligence of them. (Daniel 11:30, 32)

Shall speak amazing words. (Daniel 7:8)

Understanding of dark sentences (Daniel 8:23)

Of a fierce countenance. (Daniel 8:23)

Whether misogyny declaring how he can enter dressing rooms of women for his pageants when they are changing and naked, saying, “Because I own the pageant, I have special privileges.”  Whether the speech from two nights ago (Tues. Feb 28, 2017) in address to Congress declaring that all he wants is Peace…   His demeanor and manner of going to fix…fix…fix trade deals, borders, health care … His sentences always loaded by saying how he’s going to make things Right, make things Better, make America Great… Ferocity in verbal attacks (Twitter…)  I dunno, I may be on the wrong path here, but I just have to wonder.  Is this the End?  And if so, is anyone going to stand up to this?

I have to wonder for my blood brothers to the south.  Deportations has been made an agenda priority by Trump Presidency.  I spent 8 years in Peru.  The Corazon latino may not care about fortunes and money for the most part.  Still, the corazon latino cares about friendship.  All-night parties.  Music.  Dancing.  Music in the streets.  A friend once a friend forever friendship is never forgotten by them.  Somewhat different for many Caucasian North American counterparts to the north. I feel somewhat caught in the crossfire here.  Taking on Corazon Latino de tal modo is like taking on all of them.  I have to wonder if the President has bitten off more than he can chew.  They are strong and resilient.  Friendship in their blood.  Hot blood.  Quick to ignite.  Quick to party.  Quick to friendship.  I, too, have a corazon latino.  I stole it, but it’s still mine.  Will this be lions versus the prey of the forest?  Young lions among sheep who when going through both tear up and tread down?  I can only wonder…?  Don’t get me talkin’  I might explode.


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