Sweetest Melody Since Before Ever

All the facades the fakes and the frauds will all fall down

Truth will win will win in the end.

As phylacteries of old, bind it on tight.

Don’t bind it on the outside.  Bind it on the inside.  Bind it tight.

Strap it to your heart.

Melodious Song

Better than poprockheavymetal bind it tight.

Your own melody from your own soul.

With the words already written long ago.

Long ago.

The old wine is better.  Give it a try.

It ain’t mixed with water.  Give it a try.

Don’t take a verse or a page or chapter book or testament.

A single phrase at a time, chew it up, and sing it out

Again and again.  In your head again and again again and again


Repetition until it sinks in.  Sinks deep into your soul.

So I have a criminal record.  Who fucking cares?

And if you do, stare in the mirror til the mirror stares back at you

Splits into a thousand pieces and your demons come after you.

Seven years back luck and seven more.  Multiplied again and again infinitely so.


Nobody is innocent.  Everyone is guilty.

Just waiting for the boys in blue to come pick  you up.

Anyone who says he has no sin, the truth is not in ‘im.

Anyone who says he has no sin, the truth is not in him..


The fire in my eyes singes my brows, too.

The fire in my eyes singes me, too.


S0 take a chance, take a chance on you.

Don’t matter the racism, bigotry or criminal records around you.

Take a chance on you.

Sing your own song the very best that you can.

Sing it til you believe it.  Sing it true.

And the waters won’t roll over you.

And the fire won’t burn in you.

Sing your song, and you will be true to you.

Nothing else matters unless as I am me and you are you.


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