Ace of Spades, Jack of Clubs, King of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts

I try to answer to myself, what is love?

And I pull out my playing cards and make a game of fortunes.

Trying to separates the goods from the bads.

The positives from the negatives

The truths from the error

The light from the dark

And good fortunes from bad ones.

Thinking the cards will give me luck in love.


But I met a woman a long time ago, the Ace of Spades.

I know it was so, because about as quickly as I met her, Death overtook me.

And later, I met the Jack of Clubs, in person.  Imagine that!


The Ace told me I shouldn’t marry the girl I was dating.

I had dreamt her long before,.  It seemed destiny.

But Ace looked me in the face and with her eyes said, You’re a fool!

And with her mouth said to me, “Remember, Daniel, Love is Eternal!”

She warned me, but I didn’t listen.

And the ninny goat had me round and round, reminding me the truth:

As with her eyes, the Ace had said, You are a Fool!

And she taught me of God.

Said when she was a girl, no father w as there for4 her.

She pulled up a chair and imagined God  there

And prayed and prayed and prayed over everything with him.

And when I met her, she said God was not strict, as I seemed to believe and act.

In that religion before, I had felt betimes that life was more than sit.

Comparing Mormon to Catholic I see that the Mormon in meetings much sits.

And she was sold at 18 as though a piece of bread

To a man who would abuse and ridicule.

So when I see misogyny, yes, it does set me off just a bit.

She pointed to a tree and said to me, I am like this tree.

And so when I think of her, I talk to a tree,

Although probably I’ll never see her again

Although she writes to me

She calls me Alpha and Omega in her writings.


And I met the Jack of Clubs one time.

Jack wanted to wrestle me to the ground.

First words he ever said to me, You look like you want to fight.

But in time we went out eatin together at the nearby town restaurant.

We would traipse trails all over town chatting and gabbing as we went.

He saw crazy things, snakes, worms, and tusk-ed things.

He saw invisible people in his car, kept trying to chase them out.

Kept calling the cops, probably a dozen of times.

To chase them out of his car.

And he called the cops on me, said to them I had a snake in my my house.

Poor thing, I thought since the snake was just me they’d leave me alone, but no.

And at 3:30 am he had a cop at my door for the snake.

But he got struck down killed by a car in the town where now I am.


We are as three people dressed in Red, a trinity of favor and storm.

As Ace of Spades, Jack of Clubs, and King of Diamonds Three.

1-2-3 1-2-3

And Jack said to me, I saw a guy looked like you in a pickup truck,

Spoke to me with a voice that weren’t yours and wanted to pick me up.

He said he somehow knew the guy was something like a male prostitute.

I just shook my head, didn’t know,.

And he said there was a movie where the hero died, and everybody cried.

It was the best movie ever sh0wn.

And now he’s dead, never see him again, probably not her, either.

And I go my way, pondering as I do, the meaning the meaning of love.


As to search in the mind the Queen of Hearts and all other terrible and unkindly things.

A great mountain to climb this thing called love.

So many try to turn it trite.

So many try to make it a game of napkins and spoons

Without ever even asking why.

They hide true intentions behind many disguise

And teeth crooked filled with lies

And I beg the reason to answer me again, where true love really lies?


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