One of my brothers as he speaks of getting married,

Some say Engaged to be Married.

He says, Hitched to be Marred.

The girl he married somehow put a spell on him, so the story goes.

I go reflecting on life and freedom

Thinking of izses and aren’ts.


When the sob parties my brother described for early morning youth

Faith-sharing meetings, I distrusted his word.

No, sincerity, too, is spoken, I thought.

But now I wonder,.

He shared such wisdom with me from the time I’s borne.

If you need to skip school for the doc, go during religion class.

And so did.

He taught me there was no Santa Claus before I even knew what he was.

He taught about sex and cars for a garage when I was just only just four

Asking me also in my sleep the name of the girl I liked.

Then accusing me the next day of having a crush!

Said I’d answered when he asked me in my sleep.

Conniving thief!


But of all the things of my brother and me, When I trusted and asked his advice:

The work I’m told to do is too much-He said, do it,anyway.

I hadn’t learned true love.  Probably felt it inside.

But still, I ceased to love myself

When I only gave in to the demands of my mother, regardless what she asked.

And so buried deep in me was captivity, slavery, and I didn’t let myself free.

Until years later and I chose to open ever closet and every door.

Sweep every corner of every hidden chamber

And finally be free of the lies!


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