Bite The Bubble. Watch it Struggle.

Encased within a covering made of glass, there is a great bubble.  Many people know, and here it is often referred by its name.  The Bubble.  The Bubble.  The Bubble.  Everywhere else in all the world is “The Mission Field.”  What that exactly means in the hearts and minds of these pious people (yes, that IS facetious)…  The place where religion and material prosperity MEET.  In one.  They are one and the same.  Now I would have thought differently when I heard the word Religion growing up.  Religion was Jesus.  Religion was Sundays.  Religion was that well-polished wood in the building and perfectly straight pews.  Religion was perfectly-timed class-hour execution.  Or lack thereof, as a SHOW of importance and dominance.  Kind of an Alpha male asserting his place.  And I suckled from that tit for so many years.  Didn’t know what it really was underneath.  Oh, yes, sheep’s clothing, but underneath was a wolfy business.  Years later my oldest brother works on one of their farms, which are many.  Finally leaves after 10 years preferring the family farm over 5,000 acres of walnuts, almonds, and prunes.  He got paid salary even in harvest (he was manager) when he rarely saw his bed.  The laborers who got wages got more than he.  18 to 20 tractors rolling at a time at harvest, according as he said.  Shakers and such, to “shake” the trees.

But I think more on figs, and particularly, untimely figs, at these heights of the timeline of humanity.  And the winds that shake untimely figs to the ground.  The ones that never ripened.  Jeremiah touched on the figs that were no goo0d to eat.  A great harvest of figs, but so many of them horrible and unseemly being no good for anything and many other figs that were just right and quite sweet.

And so, I consider on the Bubble.  The Mormon Bubble.  And the BUSINESS side of the church-culture I grew up in.  And the price of the books that they sale, that one buys to “keep up” with the doctrine, as it were.  Can’t afford ’em.  Don’t want to.  Easily $30 bucks a pop for not much of a book.  But it’s businessmen that write.  It’s businessmen that lead.  The leader of this church administrated in a printing office.  Deseret News.  For books and newspaper.  Another of the leaders whose books seem to be quite popular, and EXPENSIVE has a degree in organizational psychology and worked for, or contracted out (I suppose) $5000 an hour Wal-Mart.  And the list goes on of businessmen, lawyers, a judge, Real-Estate men, and some educators who lead this church.  But I get caught up in the politics and wonder how anyone ever came to believe this was a “religion.”  Maybe at first, but now?  There was a tremendous outcry when one of their new temples was going to be taxed as any other property rather than “Non-profit Organization” treatment.

But I still have to wonder how this group es ever labeled a religion.  It certainly is a tremendous business, and the tithing moneys it brings certainly doesn’t hurt that business side of it.  My brother when he left the Deseret Farms was being considered for over-seas work.  There were lands being looked at particularly in Brazil.  South America was being studied for expansion.  My time in Peru I saw always that the goal of the LDS people was to work –for the church.  The pay.  The BENEFITS.  Usually, leadership was a game to be known and get known for paid opportunity.  It’s sickening and maddening at the same time!  And to think that so many people put trust in this group as a spiritual nourishment.  While it is more ostensibly created for material wealth and advancement.

Every six months an auditor gets up in the general meeting of all the church to declare that all tithing moneys are used correctly as has been established, declaring himself to be of contract and not “of the church.”  But the adamant force used to declare again and again that IT IS just so put me to start questioning motives and reasons.  The offering, as they do,  of so much “free” and cheap I find is really a way to garner tithing funds all the more.  It sickens me.  The meetings themselves so dry and stale.  People usually hanging in there for all the extracurricular garble which in reality is meant to consume the entire life of the individual.  Callings that may require activity every day just to “keep the machine running,” and the benefits are only seen at the top, ones who at the same time claim some species of celebrity status for their “spirituality.”

I suppose watching Leah Remini’s documentaries on Scientology has gotten me thinking about the business-club posing as religion that I grew up/culture that so many would sooner die than renounce.  But it isn’t a religion.  I think that should be made clear.  I think definitions should be traced back to foundations and evidences studied and roots understood.  It is NOT a religion.  It may claim to be, but it is not.  By strict definitions ought to be studied and positions placed, pieces positioned to look at the whole for the parts and see it for what it really is.  Truth should not scare.  Truth should not frighten.  Lies. Deception should scare.  One should be more afraid of getting tangled up in lies and deceptions than questioning too much a “solid” truth.  What lies under the foundation?  Is it rock or is it sand?  Everyone should question.

And I have.  And I do.  And I continue to.  Foundations should be reviewed.  Veins studied.  The xylem.  The phloem.  Where it goes and why.  What exactly is producing the photosynthesis within the plant?  Is it legitimate?  For I remember to have read, If they speak not according to the truth, there is no light in them.  And they build their lives on sand.  From the words of leader to leader.  And standardized lessons to indoctrinate that I…but I never liked them.  And wresting the scriptures to explain away what is said, rather instituting a system of self-sufficiency independence.  While at the same time trying to nose their way into each his or her life with “service.”  The aggressiveness of their domination agenda is what set me off.   When my opinions set off such vehemence on so many fronts and the attacks that resulted and the hospitalizations and jail times condoned by these leaders, then I saw that there is no freedom in this organization, only conformity and pain to those that stay.  Like unto Scientology, as I hear it to be.

Life is not life where there be no freedom.  Life is not life with every word ridiculed.  As to follow the doctrine itself, one must hide and shut the mouth and let them speak their “fables” and blasphemies.  No, ’tis no religion, ‘cept maybe of the devil.

Nonetheless, twould be a fine prospect to see the land taken over by those of true faith.  For crime through their intimidation and needling have kept close to nothing.  Awareness is nil.  Twould be a perfect opportunity to take this blasphemous bubble and reinvent it into fortress of strength, for property not for principle as taught by them.  Theirs was never about principle, but rather property.  Tit for tat, motherfuckers.

They most certainly have “gathered as a nest the riches of the people.”  Even as Isaiah said they would.  And no one moved a wing or peeped.  And they say, Who seeth us, and who knoweth us?  But shall the thing framed say of him that framed it he had no understanding?  Shall the work say of him that made it, he made me not?  And their works are in the dark.


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