Do you see What I see?

42.  Trouble brewing?  1260 days ensuing?  Has one a cockatrice already ris?  Has a fiery flying already come?  Do the days of sun and moon begin?  oh, well.  Begin again.  Has fallen the serpent?  night last over?  Starry eyes.  Starry cars, blasted over?  One is called of oversea.  Another of land where seer sees…  Divining stars easier than times?  United, shall we divide?  Will Egypt save or fall the same?  Will Assyria gain gain gain?  As mafia and codes and written letters and modes…and rising power peace hour hour.  Does anyone see the foreigner tongue?  The army of Assyria and Philistine run…Oh my?!?  Did it come  to the neck!  Has it overflowed its every border set??   The beard and the head and the toes has it shaved yet??  The axe, the saw shaking itself?  Or by another’s power to move?  In control one or another’s boot?  And who set the bounds, and who made the rules?  ‘Cause seems trouble could be brewin…  Are you readin what I’m readin?  Is associatin’ to favor or dis?  An army of many, what is this?  To destroy and lay waste the earth?  Do you see what I see?


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