Take the bullet from your flesh.

Fill it up with powder, put it back in the barrel of your gun,

And let it fly, like an atomic bomb!


For as eggs of frogs fester in unhallowed halls

Cloaks and Daggers superstitions each with his walls

The letters to degree and name by name they appear

Each by species, but they smell like feces out here.

The degrees they hold, and the theses as well.

What does it matter?  Who is going to tell?


You know as well as I know as well.

That life is meant for living and not just for awful smells,

So let go

Let go of the tether holding you.

Let go.

Let go, Dean Man-child and be free.

Call out to Mommy and Daddy, and be free.

Dear Man-child, if you will, the keys await.

The book is open and ready for you.

It is not our turn.  It is yours.

New heaven and new earth.


You as Moses, take on as the priests of Pharaoh

All of their magic as they try to confuse the world.

Oh, do come forth.  Take your power.

I am your Father and your Maker, but take your power.

Of the two faithful witnesses our time is up.

Testimonies done.

The goat from the West takes his run.

To tear us down and annihilate us whole.

To destroy us in his anger.


We the Sorrow the Depression, all that is left.

No more prophets you are bereft.

Take your stand.  I thought I should take the oar.

No, it is for you.  The bo0at is yours to row.

Each in his time his own turn and time to show.

Our time is up.  Faithfully, yet is is true.


But you but YOU you are the King of kings.

You are the Lord of lords.

I know your name and I know your face.

You have no idea who I am.


But go ahead, whenever you like,

Take the book.  Take the power.

Take the power that is yours for the taking.


We are of another place.  Not of this.l

New heaven and new earth in your hands is placed.

Key of David Keys of Death and Hell for you.

Man being head and woman with the children, heaven and earth.


Come forth, thou man, or woman, if you will.

Androgynous, albeit, how you like, however you will.

However you will.

Take the bullet that they shot you with.

You will recover.  Fill it with powder and shoot it back at them.

Like an Atomic Bomb.

If you will.


Call us by name.  Call us by number, whenever you will.  If you will.

It’s up to you, Dear Man-child.

It’s up to you.  Go ahead now.  If you want to.  Go ahead.


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