One Last Breath

I climb up high inside my lungs

And suck in one final breath.

Good-bye to the world as I breathe my last.

Good-bye as I sink away.

Into Nothingness.

From whence I came.  To where I go.  Forever.

And I breathe my final breath

To let the river take me away.

Dreamland, Forgottens, Ill-begottens

Gone as I drift away.

As Life but a dream.

A dream to be forgotten.

Better remembered the void far away.

My real home, a nothingness, my stay.

And I drift away.  And I drift away.

Into a Nothingness forever to stay.

As Earth it seemed was meant, but not so for me.

And no heaven, for there was no key.

Only a chain of broken, broken, ill-used keys,

None of which to use.

None of which to be

Anything other than a reminder

Of the Void from whence I came.

The Void and I unite again.


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