A Walk to Eternity and Back

Walking down and back

As often I do

Down and back.

It’s nice to return to where one started from.

Remember roots.  Good times. And  Fun.

It’s nice to remember a past.

It’s nice to remember and never ever forget THE PAST.


And so, as I peer through my scope to the past,

I remember soccer balls and footballs

And dreams that recess would never end.

Hopes to enjoy more more of the fun.

And my mother always said that work comes first.

Never play until the work is done.  So she said.

But recess I always wanted more of.

Didn’t want band, because it cut into recess time–in sixth grade.


If my mother had known how long I played to win Ninja Gaiden,

She never would have allowed.

But I felt like I conquered the world when I won that game.

Symbolically, of course.

Slashing swords.  Just two cuts. and Darth Maul was down.

The spinning swords won it for me on my very first time versus him.

And other times that I won I didn’t always win with spinning swords.


And greenies, newbies, novices should not be bashed.

As with underclassmen of high school.

Sometimes the freshman still comes out first.


And just as promised, a threshing tool with teeth.

I’m so glad I learned to use a chainsaw,

And to cut hay and to stack with lever hydraulic to pull

As well as to find a fallen chain and put the feeder back in motion on time.


Is life any more than a video game?

Are we really living in a material world.  Anymore?

Symbols and art have taken over.

Shrouds and clandestine secrets rule.

But there is one in particular taking the celestial and turning them back.

Those stars of heaven thrusting them down with her tail.

As trunks of a tree.

I wish you could see.

And I have seen it, those celestial in nature without a perfect faith–thrust down.

All she wants is to make terrestrial, to take away the valor in them.

Just one little sin.  One little temptation to cave in.

And never repent, so she owns their souls.

And they are thrust down to hell.

Although not eternally.

They become a tree, like she claims to be.

And there are telestial, as flies and gnats and everything else that walks and scoots.

And outer darkness that blazes the sky as photons that never rest day or night.


Can you see can  you see can you see the difference between day and night?

Can you see the righteous from the wicked in any or all of their forms.

We begin as squares, and some revert back to these former forms.

Others round and round, cutting off the edges that by perfection process goes.

To become as circles, clear and transparent as they are.

Nothing hiding in the corners where the danger lies.

And cutting through the secrets, cutting through the wickedness and lies.

Fully exposed each one is seen for who he or she really is.

All webs and wickedness removed, what is really inside?


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