My Dream Visitors

“Go ahead, stay for awhile,”  I say to my dream visitors as they come my way.  I wished when I was a kid I had taken my nightmares seriously instead of thinking them some aberration from real reality.  But they weren’t, and they aren’t.  And now, I think it would have been hard to make it to where I am without my dream visitors that visit me, duh…in my dreams.  They are famous.  They are leadership.  But at nights it’s just us.  And we sail in ships together, kinda like a friendship.  And we go to a neighbor’s for comedy hour.  We have the best conversations.  And ones not-so-great.  We have great food.  The silver screen pales in comparison to these artists, divas, and world leaders that share my nights in these dreams.  We rock it out in canoes.  We play pass inside the house, he he.  We go and dates and say wonderful, I Love You’s.  Glad it’s that way, cuz REALITY SUCKS!  Watchin’ John Oliver’s monologue on HBO last night LAST WEEK TONIGHT I am reminded how terrible life of reality really is.


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