Calling All

I just walked beside the river and admired its beauty.  The many streams of water and their crashing beauty.  Over all the rocks.  Such a sight to see, as the Lord remembers His people in the day of the falling of the towers.  And the high places are filled with rivers and streams of water.  And the fruit of the Lord is glorious and excellent in that day.

I just walked past a bastion of Satan and saw as it were his flag at half-mast.  And I wondered what the reason?  Could it be?  Could it really be?  After all his minions looking just like him.  And the pharisees and sadducees and all their harlots like cockatrice and flying serpents.  Ohhhhh…What is this I see?  And the world converges on my town to witness the total solar eclipse–soon.  As the sun is blackened in symbolickness, too.  The sun which is Luzbel.  The sun which is Lucifer, who chose to rise to be as it were on the throne of God, to the heights of the North, to the Mount of Congregation, but his pitiful ways got the better of him, and now I fear that he sinks instead of swim.  So, T0mmy Boy, I say, please call in your troops.  Tommy Boy, I say, please call in your soldiers.  Send them out no more as sheep to the slaughter to their deaths, as your predecessor sent me, and now you send so many more.  All to your honor.  All to your glory of you.  Of you.  To wave as a celebrity two times a year.   But this year is, I think, the last.  I think your time is past.  No respect of the lives of your soldiers.  You never even did their very same work.  And the harlots as sirens that beckon, they never shirk.  And the pharisees gobble at them like turkeys to babble and defame.  But you seem to not mind the loss of flesh.  Is it the bloodthirstiness–in you?  How can you not call them home?  They don’t know.  They don’t know.  As little two’s and three’s they get up barely able to speak while their mother whispers to them, “I kno da chooch es twu.  I lub mey mommy daddy.  In name Jeezus Chwist, amen.”  And so they never knew.  From the time they were babies told what to do.  Always told what to see–and exactly what NOT to see.  Never learned to see with eyes to see.  Nor ears to hear.  Only hear you is what they were always told.  The “Prophet” will tell them all there ever is to know.  So they were told…To blindly follow you.  And you masked and taped it up so many times with webs and designs so that they would never forget their salvation came from you.

And now as in Hershey race of 93, I remember words and what they be.  I claimed second prize hoping to go to state, and I qualified with second seed, but first seed was disqualified for age.  He was too old.  So I was first seed.  So hand over the keys.  Your ways are not of prosperity.  But of brainwashing and diagrammed programming.  The witchcraft and wiles these youth must face–are too much.  What a disgrace!  Bring them home!  Have you no love?  Have you no feeling?  Have you no heart?  We studied so hard.  To please your highness we studied so hard.  Didn’t know that Joseph Smith and the Bible are mutually exclusive.  Always wondered why we were told not to study the scriptures…?  Yet we were preaching Jesus Christ?  Anathema.  No.  No.  No.  Anathema.  I’m calling Anathema to your work, to the work you do.  I’m calling Anathema, for curse-ed be you!

And I watch the water for electricity fall over the dam.  I watch as energy is churned from moving water in this town.  And the water is good.  But the devil is bad.  My head is a Nautilus shell.  Try to get it in, you’ll lose your way.  My head, my abode, home is a Nautilus shell.  You will lose your way.  With no other guide, you will lose you way.  My Nautilus shell winds all the way to hell.  And there will those land who try to steal inside.  Inside inside my Nautilus shell that I call home.


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