A True Man

What is a man?  What is a woman?

Not that anybody should care.  Not that anybody really knows.  Or cares.

But a simple question:  What is a man?  What is a woman?

My brothers and first my sister, they all being older,

Thought me so naive and stood there to question:

Daniel, do you know the difference between a man and a woman?

Now I start to wonder myself if I really do…

That was so many years ago, and they thought to trap me with a cryptogram.

Not really sure they can, you know.  Not really sure they can…

Definitions are easier when multiplied by multiple switches.

Back-and-forth the pendulum rolls from one to the other.

To finally settle somewhere on the poles.  But I dunno.

What about you?  Do you?

I read a post that stated that women can do all a man can, and even more.

It was much intriguing to read, for sure.


And so, I decided to define a man.

What the hell is a woman?  I don’t fucking care!

Never met a single one worth a second stare!

And I don’t need a woman on an arm to define who I am.

No.  No.  Surely que no.  Claro que no no no…



A true man is made of steel.

The blood in his veins is liquid molten steel

That hardens in a flash, that hardens at will.

A true man is made of steel.

Undermine him, tear him down, tear him at will.

Enduring to the end, he will always will himself onward onward.

Even death flees from him, as his enemies in Justice he seeks their end.

And as David versus Goliath once has said,

I will feed your flesh to the fowls of the air, the flesh of your armies to beasts of the field.


A true man is made of steel.

The sword he wields is made of the same steel.

His integrity bound by both words and deeds as acts of his will.

He will not bend.  He will not break at any attack.

Attack him again and again, he will never back away.

Send your armies to attack him.  He will never back away.

He will dismantle them all and then come for you and give you back.

Attack for attack.  Everything you sent you will get right back.

So don’t attack an innocent man.

He will leave restless, ended, bedded with no sleep no fun.


A true man is made of steel.

Even death itself flees from him.

He will strategize organize prepare at will

Whether day or night.  Attacks and attacks against him.

But his rites, his liberties, family albeit, religion and god he will defend.

No matter who you and how you make fun of him,

No matter who you are and how you make fun of him,

Your attacks will only build fame to his name, strength to his game.

So go ahead and attack and attack at will.

Because…A true man is made of steel.


And the women who with their breasts flaunt them to the air.

I am in a date, and she uncovers her breasts bare.

Or the ones who such cleavage show in the office and hallways of work

Or when I am teaching a class and where I should ought to look.

Or the skirts slit to the vagina itself, again trying to teach of Jesus Christ.

And what of all this,

Or when I am teaching to have the breast bared a foot and a half from my nose.

Or have a bra thrown over my head in what would seem capricious fun.



Because…A true man is made of steel.

And wily, cunning women for all they do will never steal

What as man truly is inside.

So what  is a woman?

Any more than a temptation at all?


A true man leaves a record, a history anthology of who he really is.

A true man is not just acts, but the words to accompany them.

And a word and a book though framed in cryptograms and code,

Will still always define the true man made of made of steel.

And as with Medusa, flashed a simple mirror to her face,

And she, the wiliest of all, turned so quickly disgrace

To stone.

You will find no sleep no rest for all Eternity if you attack a righteous man.

He possesses the gates of his enemies, and all that curse him are cursed eternally.

A true man is invincible.  And will always be.

His words will last for Eternity.


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