Rings of Fire

I sat in the diner yesterday morning, trying to get down a meal.

Others sat down not too far away.  They formed a ring around two tables.

Twelve of them were there in that party.  I arrived an hour before they.

I was much curious at all the goings-on while I sat in that diner yesterday,

Yesterday, the first day of the week.

Yesterday, the first day of the week.

It would be nice to take a week off, I think.

After yesterday, the first day of the week.


I  spent many hours waiting for my waitress yesterday,

Yesterday in the diner.

I finished my plates and sat to wait, to exchange the rate and get  my change.

But the change never happened, nor the exchanged, while wait wait wait wait waited

On the waitress.

After three hours of sitting, it was 1:15 pm, I left on my own,

Without the aide of the waitress.

As I sat, I thought to myself, I hope no one uses this glass to commit a crime,

The glass of water I was drinking on.

I noticed very clearly that my fingerprints were all over the glass.

So I hoped no one would use it for a crime.

I guess I was Invisible Man yesterday, as usually I am.

Every time I show up and get noticed, I get locked away,

Either jail or hospital.

For that reason, I am glad to be invisible man.


At the same time, as I sat next to the ring around two tables,

I noticed how quickly it transformed to a ring of fire.

They were Latinos, (Imagínate), but I was not, or so so I looked.

And they started to talk about me in their Spanish tongue

While I waited for my waitress.

And they talked about my waitress (“azafata”) and about me.

I sat there and I sat there and waited for service, which never came.

But they talked and talked and gossiped about me,

Never thinking I understood a word of the flamey gossip.

Of the words they share like bullets in the air for their gossip.


And time slows down as though it stops in Latino circles

And in their rings of fire.

They can go for Eternity in their rings of fire,

Cover every topic under their sun with knowledge of everyone

Combined and spun into timeless, ageless conversation

Because clocks fly away.  Time disappears.

And I am left to consider all the years

Caught in the web of one Latino.

When time ceased to be.


Oh, the rings of fire, but what do they seek?

Conversation peaks at the supernatural,

As it usually does in Latino rings of fire.

Conversation peaks at the supernatural

Of the powers of healing by “spiritual means”.

And that is the interest that drives the conversation.

As watching Poltergeist or any horror movie

Paranormal activity or any of these.

And the emotion.  The supernatural attraction

Of these conversations,

That quickly turn to rings of fire

Discussing me and others of the restaurant,

Boisterous voices, the twelve of them so dissonant.

Rings of fire.  Rings of fire.

Beware who joins in rings of fire, lest ye be burned.

Not always can the fire be contained.  You are warned.


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