Family Ties

Life like a rat-race chasing my tail.

A burning bush I see, but I can’t make out heads or tails.

Everywhere is flames, and I guess I just get used to the heat.

Somehow, some way, there must be a reason for these ill-begotten life beats.

I suppose…but maybe no.


It would be easier if I spoke another tongue, maybe.

Easier if I spoke a blither pattern, maybe,

All these two-bit word puzzles I try to lay out,

Even I get tired of all that goes out.

Maybe it’s just time to call it quits.


It’s been a good run, but I think I see the edge of the universe beckoning to me.

Out and beyond to the untamed sea.

I think I see the edge of the universe beckoning to me.

Past the stars, past the planets.

Past the galaxies and past the astronauts.

The supernovas flying by, to take a diamond from my eye

Throw it out to the expanse,

And alone, beyond the edge of all things, sit, quiet meditating.

Fingers crossed correctly to numbers I seek

As finally past present and future I peek

In a moment, a flash an Eternity that will last

Long enough although never quite.

Sure by regards to the toil and slavery to mother Earth.

Rowing away, across the seas.

Gathering new lights by which to see.


As blood runs thicker than water, they say.

But all the oceans of the seas it takes

To wash the blood away.  To wash the blood.

The blood ties to family.  The blood ties that continue to bleed.

The blood ties that will ever bleed so long as there remains family.

And I, alone, remain to question the relevance of anything.


Until, maybe finally with blood brothers united I may be.

Not as brothers borne at birth

But with my new brothers from the other side of the universe.

Take hands without complaints and join as new-borne saints.


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