The Devil’s Hyperbole

I wanted some great title for this work, you know, like Dante’s Inferno or something, but I just had to settle for the one I put.  Oh well.  You all get what you pay for.

The devil himself is really quite a coward.

The ones to watch out for are the sons of perdition.

The ones who defend the devil under promise to never pay for their crimes

As long as their “Jesus” wins.

That Justice will never catch them.

And they stand on the losing side, but still,

Fight like dragons to make all their sins “atoned by Jesus.”

Okay, reality, people.

This is what I like to call The Devil’s Hyperbole.  His tremendous, magnanimous promises of Eternal Life and Salvation IF ONLY you pray, go to church, read your scriptures.  C’mon, people.  We are not in pre-school, anymore.  Justice is the rule.  Mercy is only the exception, in the event that you merit it AND God chooses to extend it to you.

The Devil’s Hyperbole convinces many that all their crimes, “sins”, are magically washed away by Jesus’ “unconditional love.”  Well, as good as that sounds, and I know the devil would love you to believe it and defend him to death over it, I really admit myself that there’s a much better, more reasonable, reliable, and above all, TRUTHFUL way.  ‘Course it goes back to studying the Word.  Not modern-day hypocrite-preachers.

Cheek a pill, people.  Nurse might say, open mouth.  Stick out tongue.  Maybe not.  You don’t want the doctor’s pill.  The nurse hands it to you.  Cheek it.  Spit it in the toilet.  Don’t give it away.  Hold your story til you’re free.  Then share it to the world.  Civil Disobedience.  As Jesus said, until the people of the world feel they are doing the whole world a favor by killing you, you are not yet standing up as Christians do.  You are not yet salt of the earth, preserving it from this disaster that is now descending on the world in entirety.  No God is gonna save you.  You are gonna save yourselves by standing up–and by not believing the Devil’s Hyperbole.  Unless Christians truly learn to make a stand, they are nothing but “salt that hath lost its savor; and is thenceforth good for nothing but to be trodden under foot of men.”  So, go tread down those sons of perdition posing as Christians.  It’s what a good, god-fearing Christian would do.  Those that deny him before men, he will also deny before the Father.


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