What a Comedy

Dear Mr. Lucifer,

I just wanted to thank you, now that you’re dead.

I just wanted to thank  you for your wonderful acting job.

You really had us goin’ playin’ double role.

You really had us goin’, Mr. Lucifer Jesus Christ.

You really had us goin’ with your demon/angel role.

You really had us goin’.  Wow!

You deserve an applause.  No praise.

But you deserve applause.

What an actor you have been!

Just like the actors of our day,

Can show a face on screen but fill with dust at home.

You are quite a show, and I celebrate today,

18 years from touch-down in New York when I tried to preach your name,

But all I learned was to fight both sides, as you.

You gathered both Luciferian/Atheist to your side and the Christians.

Both to the left AND to the right!

What a sight!  What a wonderful sight!

What a performance you have done, Oh, Lucifer Jesus of Nazareth.

I thought I could call you friend, but I found out otherwise,

As enmity grew and grew in time, animosity in you.

But you always did so well with cops.

You could always get your way with them,

Sway whichever side you were on.

You could get Hollywood wearing your cross.

Luciferians wearing the cross of Jesus,

Just because you got them completely hooked to your side.

And it was okay for you that they did that.  No crime.


And as Jared Leto said, The Best Defense ts to Pretend,

And Davey Havok said, Gorgeous eye scream suicide.

Those of us who know you, know it was suicide,

That you took your life,

That you committed suicide.

You walked in front of that pickup truck on Sunnyside

At an hour you should have been inside,.

Pronounced dead on the scene.

A 36-year-old driving.

But it was suicide.

Those of us who know you know it was suicide.


And what with North Korea, Syria, and Trump and Russia,

There’s those that waits for you, but you ain’t coming.

What a gag!  What joke!  This is awesome!

You ain’t never comin’, and there ain’t no Second Coming!

This is hilarious!!!

Oh, Lucifer Jesus Christ of Nazareth


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