Hallowed Frown

People look for halos on an angel.

I looked for a hallowed frown.

People look for goodness and kindness

I look for toughness and a will to survive.

Lying lips hypocritical tongues

So many people getting by the pay of their moms.

I see so many who won’t go and be somethin

Tuggin the tails of those thats gone before em

But these are new times.  Hypocrites lag behind.

Hypocrites lag behind.

The old rules don’t work no more.

And a Donald Duck quackin’ don’t save the world.

Nor sending bees to heal a stripe.

We just don’t know anyone anymore.

Everybody bindin all the tigher their worlds.

Every goal meeting according to stricter rules

Freedoms and fancy

Liberty advancin for no one.

Because people accept slavery.

People accept slavery.

But why?

Why turn yourself into slave when you can be free?

Is freedom so bad that you would rather be free of freedom?

Is freedom so bad that you’d rather be a two-face suck-up sycophant liar hypocrite

Than be legit

Than be legit??


What’s wrong with being sincere?

Why all the lies to hide true intentions between the ears?

Thoughts and intents of the heart are still also judged by the one upstairs.

So even if you never say it.

Even if you never show it.

Even if you can claim and claim and claim no blame and pout it,

Still, fact remains that you’re guilty.

Everyone the whole earth over is guilty

Rejecting laws of God

And choosing false pastors false teachers false leaders

In it for popularity.

In it for fame and glory.

In it for the money, alone.


And they don’t care about you.

And they preach lies to you.

Emotional ties to the things that you do

To draw you in to snares.

To tie you up, to bind you tight your checkbook to them.


But again is offered without money and without price

Wine and milk without money and without price

But you have to wear a hallowed frown instead of sweet smiles.

You have to be sincere about what you feel instead of wiles.

You crafty and wily must be put away and forgotten

Or you yourself be broken.

Stifled, forgotten, Forlorn, Alone, and finally, Broken.

Everybody will be broken, for like wild horses are ye all.

Hallowed Frowns choose em or leave, but they’ll be there waiting,

Till you accept the Joker, the Goblin, Scarecrow, and Bane.

Til you accept the evil in me.

There is no freedom in being free.


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