Les Presento

My older siblings went to a circus when I wasn’t borne.

My brother climbed into the monkey cage at a zoo.  Dad didn’t know how he got there.

We shared rooms when I was a kid, but I hated it.

And he liked movies, but I not-so-much.


But now those days are past, and begin again.  Begin anew.

Drawing a new line from a new vantage, new perspective, new sun.

Drawing new parameters, new perimeters and learning to see beyond the chosen fun.

I wanted to grow.  I wanted to see.  See why I was moving those posts and trees.

I learned to put a chain back on the gears of the cutting bar above the gear box.

These days never seemed like destiny.  They never seemed much more than anything.

Just a day-to-day a day-to-day moving along in a snail-kind-of-way,

But I remiss.  I begin again.  Trouble-bonded, powers branded with eyes to see,

Only as far as 3 inches past my nose.

With ears to hear only the itching of farther, unbegotten skies.

With a heart to feel only the tug of anger every time I see a human being.


But I I there’s a reason for all of this.  There’s a reason for the amiss.

There’s a reason in the blame of the aim to see aright and go true.


There’s a man dressed in white.  There’s a man who tries to be kind.

Though he fails many times, and I rail on him for that, he tries.

He is called the Ancient of Days. Adam Michael of former times and veins.

Though many roles he plays and commonest man of all he may seem,

He still is the ancient of days, and dressed in garments clean.

Goodness of heart and service orientation for him.

Serving serving and giving no complaints.  Only to serve and serve again.

We looked somewhat alike many years ago.

But we grew differently and strains so bold-between us.

I chose red, and he went white.  White, white as a ghost.

I scared the shit out of him.  It was a game.  It was a prank, but it became more than that.

And attack and attack and wrestle and attack we did.

Only not in the physical, more in the risk-it-all sense.

Football that he played and offensive line.

Heavy weight lifter, and that was his pride.

Mine was my feet to run like a deer,

And so from year to year.


My coach pointed at him to mock,

Saying football players ain’t so tough,

After he ran the day in cross-country train way,

But I know more than that.  People speak what they do not know.

People jut out the chin when they ought to bow.

Bow in reverence to the Ancient of Days.

Bow in reverence to the Ancient of Days.

They are not one and the same.


Although I a mockery of Jesus Christ,

I turn the other cheek just to flip it back

And sent my fist flying at your jaw.

I’m more of a Law of Moses-type.

But he is not.  Though he acts stupidly at times,

He tries he tries to love his enemy.

To win over with kindness ‘stead of hate.

That times his hugs I accepted dirty rugs

And warned to never touch me again,


But I was watching for wolves.

Day and night, watching for wolves.

Not everyone can be a sheep of the fold.

Not everyone can be a sheep of the fold.

Even the leader and best of them.

There must be a shepherd to fight with the wolves,

And so have I been.

And stained with their blood, the blood of the wolves,

And they sniff me out and attack me,

But the sheep are protected only because of me.


And he is the bestest sheep of all.

The Ancient of Days so white and almost tall.

Nearly everything under the sun he knows mechanical and reparation build.

Competition in college in Hershey, Pennsylvania also showing there his skills.

He brought me a shirt.


Don’t look at me with that awful sneer and scorn.

Without me he would never have been borne.

War in heaven, now he leads.  Armies of white in the fight against Lucifer Dragon might.

But there are more frauds than maybe all should know.

Too many details to some would be a bore.

So I close my show.  I close my epistle.  Amen.

I’m just a circus clown with blood in my teeth, but he the ringmaster white and clean.

Les presento les present Ancient of Days.


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