A Monster and His Master

I went to Topless Park today where once I ran a race.

Guess it’s topless since runners take off shirts sometimes.

On that day years ago, a 5K, I was 12.

Same day I got invited to run Junior Olympics race.

I ran the 1500,  led the race til the kick and finished fourth behind Lindsay, Kranz, and Lang.

Summer-falled that year like a ag field.  Competed in the Junior Olympic cross-country.

To State capital and back to nearby city to compete, actually the one I live in now.


The devil and I dance, and he was like a daddy to me until another took me in.

Like the the story of the Monster and his Master.

Some call it Pinocchio.

But I am Leviathan.  Those who know me call me, Kakatriz.

I am but the collector of taxes for God the Father.

And to us it is pranks we put on man.

They don’t know we are squeezing from both sides.

I pound for humility.  He pounds for peace.


And he to one side and I to the other and mankind in the middle.

But we’re both pranksters, and no one complains, so we just keep squeezing,

Because it’s funny, and we laugh at the human creatures.

No one expresses with “please” or “thank you”,

So we just keep squeezing because it’s fun.

Just a Monster and His Master, two pranksters causing lots of disaster.


And I had a half-life really nice.  But then it died.

Kinda like Schrodinger’s cat,

But life had been so good.  I won a lot of races.

I scored top in my school as a freshman in math’s AHSME.

Got involved with USAMTS almost immediately and dreamed of going to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Went to ARML, it was fun.

At the MTC, I was prepped to leave to parts I had never been.

My teacher there told of humility, that leads to continual growth.

My second companion in Peru told me that many missionaries don’t learn humility.

President gave us talks to do, the first of all was humility.

And people dusted off their scriptures and read cute verses as everyone applauded.

But no one knew what was humility.


But my life was so good half a life ago.  Didn’t have worries or concern

To improve my life and repent of my sins, correct my errors, the big ones, no.

But soon as devil’s wand to wave, I got battered and bruised every day.

And the devil though like a dad, was my arch-enemy.

I was allowed by my Master to be marketed everywhere, branded again and again

And sold across the world.

That I might learn from whence come life.  From whence come creation.

And have respect.

Like Job.  Beaten down.  But built again.

And I like Job, beaten down after admired so great.

And I, like Job, beaten down, but I rose again from the dead.

After mortal wound and the 666.

But those who know me, call me Kakatriz.

Those who know me call me, Kaka kaka kakatriz.


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