If only I had turned around…

One thing I learned just a little too late:

If there’s a 737 ’round the corner, turn around.

That number will be forever scarred in my mind.

I thought it was a Boeing plane.

I found out it was nothing but a great big pain.

Pain in the ass!

Only vipers can be found there.

Their venom is lethal, that’s for sure.


And I lost everything…

Thanks to that decision to not turn around…

Thanks to that decision to keep marching in spite of the pounding in my chest.

But it takes a few times of doing the wrong

To learn to do right and TURN AROUND.


And so now I do circles just for fun.

I pretend that I’m a Boeing plane

Just to remind me to turn around before the pain.

Before the pain sets in.

Sometimes, better safe than sorry.

Sometimes better to be in control than to be controlled like a dummy.



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