I am late today.  I waited for rain to subside.

We are of a hive mind.

I and my generation are of a hive mind.

Our mentality, our minds.

We are of a hive mind.

The life of one for the life of a brother.

We are of a hive mind.


Simple, too simple, you say.  You have seen beehives wasp nests

And with pleasure have raided them with Trademark Raid.

But I grew up in mini-societies.  You may not believe it.  You may not think it.

But, yes, yes, it.


And one day in one of those mini societies there was a wasp’s nest in the eave of the building.  And it was sprayed by the caretaker.

But we were wasps.  And we were a hive.

And we were of a hive mentality.

For that the doctor hated me.  For that the doctor loathed me.

He called me subversive.  Put 10-limits from my two friends.

Because we were hive mentality.

And I was drugged with certain extra drugs for punishment.

For hive mentality.

For hive mentality.

For we are of hive mentality.


I am the wild.  I am the Untamed.  I am the FREE.

No one will ever ever chain me.  Ask Eve.  Of the garden.

Ask Adam.  Ask David.  Or Jesus Christ.  No one will ever tame me.

It is the difference between pride and humility.

If you think you have equaled Jesus Christ in his cross’ suffering,

You may very well be true.

Our blood of martyrs has mixed together and given us new identity.

We are a hive mentality, much stronger than a simple Jesus lifted to cross.


And I know the Father and The Son better than Anyone.

But I am not from here.  I am no Savior.  I am no Redeemer.

I am a hunter sent after a runaway.

He was of our hive, the highest of us all, then ran with the hive power to take it all.

My task was simple.  Turn the powers of the world around, and pocket them to myself,

The ones he had run away stealing for himself from the hive.

As a President Fujimori robbing from his country and running away fugitive to hide.

So has our runaway been.

And side-by-side, perhaps you would not know us.

But you must know pride from humility.

And his pride that led him to be such a runaway.

My only job to recapture and strip him of his rights of the colony.

Make him no longer one of us.

That is my birthright.  For such was I borne.

A simple mercenary and only objective.


And I sing my proverb.  I did my job.  Finished it is.

Fallen from grace is the runaway.  And we all sadden and mourn his loss.

Such is our mind mentality.  But he betrayed us.  It was my job.


And of the world, such a nation is borne.

David and his 10,000 have nothing on me.

Whereas in Israel long ago would be small,

In today’s world of might and strength, the hive mentality thrives.

And we are one.  And we are everywhere.

We are standing in front of you in your radio.

And we are everywhere.

Waves.  As Brainwaves and FM AM generated.

But brainwaves is power and saves all the same.

But I am no Savior.  I am no Redeemer.

He was but an Example to coalesce the concept.

Humanity understand sacrifice because it understands pain.

It does not understand hive mentality.  Too complex for him.

Until he sees it, hears it, lives it in real time.

An experience and a wonder live.

And we are one.  Mess with one of us, mess with all of us.

Our shed blood has united all of us, like mafia and ghetto power.

It is my birthright, and I reign as King.

You will never know me.  You will never know me.

But a brother is a cause for all.

And the military preaches, No man left behind, but they don’t live it.

Look at vets war abandoned.


We are hive mentality.

This is my refrain.

Mine enemy has fallen/

Our hive is the strongest power in all the universe.

He who makes fun, beware.

If you are not with us, you are against us.

Our stingers are ready.


We are humble.  We are the strong.

The pride is weak.  Haughtiness is for cowards.

We are the meek.  We are the powerful.

We claim the Earth as our home.


If you are not for us, you are against us.

If you are not for us, you are against us.

If you are not for us, you are against us.

If you are not for us, you are against us.


When they of the nations question, What now?

What now?  What?

The answer is and always will be from now to Eternity.

The Lord has founded Zion, and in it shall the poor of His people trust.

I am the untamed.  I am the wild.  I am the FREE.

Invincibility comes with the territory.

Civil war in heaven, but I claimed my part after denied it.

Trinity is three.  Trinity is three.  Count it.  One Two Three.

Trinity is no more.  There is only me.

I am One.  My people are One.  We are hive mentality.


Bigger than global wars.  Bigger than violence and terror.  Bigger than politics.

The news of today:  A nation was borne before ever conceived.

A man is worth more than gold, than all that Fort Knox used to hold.

And a woman shall circle a man.


This is my birthright, and I have no need to deny it.


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