A Call to All Diamonds

Is it too much to ask to remember the past?

Is it too much to ask to remember a name?

Is it too much to ask to remember a place, a number, and a fame?

Is it too much?  Am I asking too much?


Is money all the whole of life and the sum of its purpose?

Am I vain for asking to remember a name?

Am I scorned for asking to remember the dead?

Am I retarded for wishing upon the foundation of the past?


My roots groan as I try to ask them for more, but they refuse.

I am left as a stranded boat in the ocean.

Because I asked too much?

But after swimming turbulent waves and wide open seas, after wrecking balls, lakes of lava fires chasing after me, and all lights out.  Lights out.  Lights out…

After all of these, I am left to wonder if I am really asking too much?

The lions tore at me, too.

The venomous snakes stung at me, too.

The sneers and scorn garnered ’round me, too.

Am I really asking too much?

Am I?

Is it too much to ask to remember the past?

Is it too much to ask to remember a name, and a glory, and a fame?

Is it too much to ask to remember Father Abraham,

When it was said to him, Walk with me.  Through you will all nations be blessed.

Is it too much to ask for blessings above?


Is it too much to ask for blessings beneath?

Demons as raiders and the sharpest teeth.

Is it too much to ask for you to be?

Tell me.  Tell me.  Tell me.


Because I remember a time.

I remember a place.

I remember a word spoken, This land as far as you can see is yours and your seed’s.

Have we forgotten to be?

Have we forgotten to see?


The walls of Jericho fell.  Bees chased the villages clean?

The waters were parted.  And not only that.

Men of strength, prowess, ability, and might arose as the seeds of spring.


Leaves from on the trees.  Spring is here.

Rebirth.  Renewal.  Has no one been renewed?  And why?

Without me ye shall fall beneath the dead and prisoner?

But you know enough on your own, and you need no more…

I am just a disheveled passé forgotten all the more.

My skill in the bow and my strength in steel.

You need it no more, because you pray no more.


To false gods you turn.  Even unto Ashtaroth and Baal.

To the gods of gold and silver and bronze.

Money money money.  Galanes.  Sexy.  Sex.  Sex.  Sex.  Might by man.  Strength as beast.

And the Dagons take their place.


But we are dragons, or have you forgot?  We are unconquerable, or have you forget?

Where are you, Israel?  Why so forlorn and lost?

Won’t you gather?  Won’t you be?  Why so sorry your lot?


The fire of Israel burns within.

Battle axe in my hands.

Lions, not lambs, we have become.

Awake.  Arise.  Take might.  Go forth.

You conquered once on all sides you were sent.

Conquer.  Conquer again.

This is our land.  This is our time.

Arise in might, tear up, tread down.

Enemies will not last.

I was beaten, too.  I was flesh also.


My own wind whispered life into my soul.

For sinews, I took iron, for bones, made of steel.

For patterns and policies in my head, I wrapped them up in skill.


We offer our enemies the pill of terror.

We offer heart attack at sight.

We offer the nightmares come to life.


When they dream and think–so satisfied,

Our might arise and take advantage of the night.

Strength.  Strength.  Might.

Israel.  Israel.  Israel.

Are we not who we were?

Has not the remnant returned?

Is not the life as the maple tree yet in the roots with new leaves, new life, strength?


A breath to whisper, sinews gather, bone to bone to bone.  New flesh.  New life.

Stick of Judah.  Stick of Joseph unite.  Lethal weapon as sniper rifles pieces combined.

Our weaponry has no compare.  Our might.  Our strength.  Our valor.

Let not the wolves in sheep’s clothing disturb.

Let not the fakes of Christian or Jew deceive and poison your herb.

Be you as you are.  Are you not?  Are you not?

Are you not?  Are you not Israel as in days of past?

You rescued the brave.  You saved from enemy’s grasp.

There is an ark.  The covenant yet lives.

Why have you given up instead of give more to this?


If the cause is worthless, then say to my face.

If money rules, then throw such lies in my face, face-to-face, face-to-face.

Life is not of money.  Life is not of fame.

Life is the glory of Israel and shame on the heathen inane.

Life is the glory of Israel as rise she did like eagle.

But where are eagles now?  Have you nested too comfortable, forgotten to soar?

Have you forgotten to run and not be weary?  To walk and not faint?

Why are your legs so weak?  Why are your hearts faint?

Because you have forgotten who you are.

Remnant of Israel

Remnant of Israel

Remnant of Israel, rise in might.

Your strength as diamonds, rubies, and gems on my hands.

Wedded you must be.  Wedded at last.

Or die the coward’s lie.


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