Time ellipses vs. Reality

I am a mathematician.  I look at a graph.  A function is shown to be continuous.  A parabola does its dip or dive and continues on.  Exponential growth carries its climb CONTINUOUSLY.  A line carries its course.  The idea of continousness has always bothered me about life.  I mean, the cute blonde girl with nice clothes and well-set hair in my grade, what’s going on her world right now, I used to wonder all the time?  Does she have to ride a crummy old, yellow bus to school every day just like me?  Maybe she gets time-outs for being cute…?

Why don’t we ever get time outs?  Sure, we can rest.  We can sit.  We can sleep.  All varying states of homeostatic consciousness.  But why don’t we ever get a real time out?  A chance to exit reality and go into some nonexistent state, for a day; for a week; for a year; for a number of years.   A hiatus.  A sabbatical from life.  And why not?  Is it too much to ask?  I mean, is it?  Shut off anxiety.  Shut off depression.  Shut off the pain.  Momentarily.  Then, come back to life, refreshed, renewed, re-energized, and ready for round 2 of the bout.  Put the gloves back on.  Hammer more staples.  Splice more wires.  Whatever.  Wreck more U-joints from over-use.  I mean, is it too much to ask for a time-out?  Does anybody’s god out there have an answer for this?  I’m gonna shut the fuck up until someone seriously answers me about this shit.


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