World Peace

I hear the cliches, So many times,

As in beauty pageants:

If you had power to change the world somehow, What would YOU do?

–World Peace.

Over and over, I hear World Peace.  So much it has become cliché.

I suppose deep down there may be meaning to a world of peace.

There may be purpose.  There may be “good” in that.


Different methods.  Different paths.  Different choices to different kinds of peace.

Moses.  Law.  Law of Moses.  Destroy.  Annihilate enemies.  Force.  Strict Law.

Jesus.  Meridian Man.  Love enemies.  Turn the other cheek.  Go the extra mile.

Daniel of the Lions ties together.  The times, the times, the half of time.

Times as in wars, times as in efforts, times as in attempts, until as extra miles leading to…

As in extra miles leading to a half with no need for completion.

Enemy forfeiture.  Endure to the end.  Until enemies forfeit their attempts.

Peace results.


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