What’s in a name

Dear Delilah,

I’ve kept this secret secret for too long, and it’s time I shared.

I’ve kept it too long, and you really oughtta know.

It’s a sad thing, I know.  You’ll probably kill me for not telling you sooner,

But before you do, here me out.  I have a little riddle for you

As riddles are good for you.

Thanks for keeping the keys to my car.

I appreciate it much.

Thanks for keeping my car safe and sound all this time

While I was in the waiting room.

Thank you much.  Now, the riddle.


I’m sorry to say, my dear sweet honey, that I wrapped your Samson in a body bag,

I left him adrift in outer outer space

In a place painted with stars that look like your face.

Demons he’ll fight, but he’s far stronger than they.


You see, Delilah, I studied physics in high school

Determined right there that I would go on to be a Mechanical Quantum Biochemical Engineer

They had told me one time that direct attempts would never result.

A dead bulls-eye would never be found.

And so I went around.

Or rather, through a crack in the wall.

Through a crack through a crack in the wall.

Do you know that wall?  Do you know its name?

But it cracked at the ugliness of my face.


And Samson was my bro, and I was sad to see him go.

But do you know do you know my name?

If you can guess my name, you’ll know the power by which I work


Do you know do you know my name?


I chase the sons of perdition through the outer outer space.

They like particles of the devil’s herd have no other race,

But to try to try to outrun me,

And I I am a wave.  I am the power source of the universe.

I power the cells.  I power the light, the sky, the suns, the stars, and the night.

But do you know, do you know, Dear Delilah, my name?

For centuries visible to all.  Do you know do you know my name?


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