I wake up to news of North Korea vs. United States.  I feel like I was flipped into a different time zone.  The terror of Lima immediately after I departed with cartels battling in the streets.  Terror online uploaded to Facebook.  Killings.  Blood.  Gore.  Probably some people have a different perspective than I about many of the topics of terror.  I live in a place of little terror.  Supposing Asia ignites in conflict, with the US involved, I worry of backlash.  The President Donald Trump ran for president on a policy of focusing on domestic.  Domestic got bogged down, so he turned his attention to starting wars global.  “The era of strategic patience is over.”  What is so wrong with patience?

Asia and war does not look terribly consequence-less.  Bigger cities in my mind, would be the targets of attacks, as has been in the past.  I, just supposing, that war starts to boil, terrorists see the opportunity to steal a moment in attacks on America, world already hating America, nations don’t stand by the US but rather gang up on it.  Then, what?  Can the US stand against many at once?  Americans are hated foreign.  I’m not saying everywhere.  It was just my experience.  There is a lot of hatred for Americans foreign.


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