Chapter 2: Love Story to My Beloved – It must Be Love

(Caution:  This is not G-rated.  After suicide just down street at high school in town where I just lived months ago, please use caution.  The viewpoints in this writing reflect only those of the author and not those of the community where he lives.  Please do not read if you have a queasy stomach.  I don’t even like to read it myself, honestly.)

I don’t believe in mercy.  I believe in punishment–in the power and GOOD of punishment.  My so-called mother raised me that way.  NEVER allow a chance to punish slip away.  NEVER.  Those are the small opportunities of life that should not be squandered.

All who have abused, made fun of, ridiculed and ripped at my name, you will pay.  Full Justice will be done.

I don’t care who you are–your class, name, rakn, or position.  If your scorn has fallen my way, my punishment will go yours.

Punish.  Punish.  Punish.  This I learned from the example of my mother.  Punish.  Punish.  Punish.  Don’t worry about emotional damage.  It will all  be good in the end.  The righteous will survive.  The wicked will not.  Fire that purifies the soul.

Go to hell, all who have made fun.  May suicidal thoughts follow you everywhere you go–FOREVER!  Suicide, I love you and embrace you.  Hugs and love, Suicide.


You are my bitch.  You are my queen, Suicide.  You came to me in my time of need.  You took me across the stream.  You buried me in the next and landed me an eternity of hell as wide as the universe.  And is o doing, you gave me life.  Thank you, Suicide.  I love you.  FOREVER.

I love you.  I hate you.  But to me, it’s the same thing.

Ha ha ha.


Ha ha ha

Suicide, you are my one true love.  You were the only way to escape the brutalities of my mother.  Like a Christian baptism, you saved me.  And you changed me forever!

You locked me up.  You drugged me up.  You beat me up.  You taught me gang life.  You taught me the true meaning and full intensity of pain.  You taught me to be me.  You taught me anger.  You taught me fury.  You taught me ire.  You taught me love.

Thank you, Miss Suicide.

Now I have a thing or two to teach you.  What goes around comes around.  Sweet Dreams.  And I mean that from the very bottom of my crooked, twisted, maniacal, heart.

Slit my throat.  I’ll slit yours.  Our blood will mix eternally.


Kill me now.

Kill me now.

Kill me now.

Give it to me hard as only you know how.


The sweet embrace of death.


Eternal Rest.

(ps I was thinkin this might make a good Sprite commercial.)

Have a nice honeymoon, Sweetheart. Welcome to the Dark Side Of the Moon.

Ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha

Call me, Baby


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