Why is Life?

What is life but a curse from the moment of birth?

Whether curse or multi-facet diamond-curse with whirling black holes at every facet

And I have to wonder, Why was I ever borne into this god-forsaken wasteland world?

Seems there’s only one purpose:  pain.

Only one destiny:  jail.

Only one outcome:  ridicule.


And so I am left to ponder as so many other days, Today:  Why is life?

Were it destiny to be bottled and abused thru days called existence?

Were it meaningful to be thrust from stay to stay, from jailhouse to jailhouse?

Were it right to be drugged to overdose and clinging to the edge of life from death’s grip?

Or is all this just the joy of the journey?


Beyond all that, why expect anything from life, as empty and waste that it is.

Is it meant to be waste, as it is, so defined by some evil overlord?

Are we the definers of this waste putrescence called life?

I guess I’m back where I was 12 years ago, threatening to kill God if I ever met him…

Some things never change.


And yet, Life in all its shittiness remains the same.


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