Darkness It Should Be

First is fear.  But then, a reaction.

That reaction is always a choice.  Allow, we may, the fear remain.

Oppose the fear and face the giant.


And I race the dead through the streets.

Seems nice to give them attention, sometimes.

The forlorn, the lost, the forgotten, who died long ago.

Seems long ago to me.


But they are not.  Because witches call them forth.

They are not, because evil uses their force.

As Saul unto Samuel through witchcraft blight,

Even so today, the witches celebrate this unholy rite.


I wish I wish I wish

For the dead to RIP in peace.

I wish for the dead to finally have their peace,

Rather than the witches in their books call them forth.

Bind books to them and them to them,

By book by book by book.


And I surmise, to the books begotten,

And in my youth guilty as well,

Power of spirits, power of wellness, confidence and trust.

But now, I realize my folly

Take a coal from the fire and cleanse my evil mouth.

And I won’t touch the books to draw them forth.

I won’t touch the ones who pull them forth.

I would much the rather ignore ignore

Than false teachers seek whose wizards mutter and peep.


A rest for them.  A rest for me.  Respite.  Possibly.

Sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the belly, I guarantee.  I guarantee.

Please cease to seek the land of the dead.

From the living to the dead, from the dead to the living.

It is not science.  It is wizardry.

Please, the dead cease to seek.  Let them let them rest in peace.


And they bother me, won’t let me sleep.  They cry to me to give them peace.

And you don’t believe? But I remember my T-shirt from Belize:

Yu betta Belize It.  And I do.  Sometimes, but Belize I forget,

As also Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Sometimes, Costa Rica I remember well, for my journeys there.

And Peru and Chile.


But let the dead rest.  Let the dead rest.

Their peace to find.  Their own peace to find.

Tisn’t the bliss so many claim, with so many witches of our day,

Calling them forth and not allowing them to sleep.

And the book of the dead, may it sleep as well.

May it sleep.  May it sleep as well.  Amen.


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