I was dead, but I came back alive.

A relay race of terror I had to run.

Every leg I ran myself.

As the woman of my dreams ran away, and I ran with harlots to pass the day.


But now I run for me.

I run as I used to do.

Didn’t think I could handle two-a-days.  Scared me to death.

I was afraid to draw anatomy.

But not anymore.  I feel free.

I feel free to run.  I feel free to think.

I feel free.  I liberated myself my lover’s lovers.

I was just too strong for them when they tried to bind me with their reeds.


And now I run.  Upper body change.  Sometimes lower, but I know which.

I always know, and I always will.

And she yells at me for running away.

But it was she that ran away from me.


So now I run as never before.  Fire glancing off my feet, and I sign to the sky.

And I pound my chest.


And I sign to the sky.  And I pound my chest.


Because when I went down the abyss (And SHE didn’t care.)

There are no dimensions there.

Feet do no good.  Nor brains.  Nor artists’ hands.

Dimensions cease to exist.

I looked from the other side of the mirror.

I looked through the hospital windows.

I was dragged through the gravel to bloody feet.

I was groped in the genitals by the police.

I was hunted with guns.  Guns pointed at my head and at my feet.

And they laugh and they laugh at me, and so does SHE.


And so I’m glad we’re done, she and I.

I’m glad to run free again, like I did before I ever met her.

She’s supposed to be a Lamb, but she turned out to be a Bitch!

After red, black, and pale, I know which buttons to switch!

She can’t fool me no more with her wily lies!


And I run and I run as before, only as never before.

But I concentrate more on nutrition than I ever did.

I concentrate more on pulse rate than I ever did.

I concentrate more on upper body than I ever did.


I always depended on ro, who is shaped like p.

But before long, I knew A to Z.

Momentum couldn’t get me past them.

But back then, I could always crack under pressure.

Back then I was nervous about an Abstract Future.

But not anymore.  The abyss changed all that.

I have no fear any more, not even of the future.

And I never crack under pressure.

I’m good at cracking the others.

I just call them ‘Crackers’ as they crumble beneath my feet.


And SHE gave me A to Z, from Abillify to Zyprexa to torment me.

And I hope she gets it all back.  I hope she gets it all back.

Everything she gave to me.

To make her strong like me.

Otherwise, I’ll never want to see her again.


But I run like never before, as I grind the Assyrian beneath my feet.

I run as never before, as the wind blowing through me.

I run as never before, with motion to carry me forth.

I am INVINCIBLE now, but I wasn’t before.


Hold on, I gotta check my pulse.

Oh, I think it’s time to go.

But if you ever see HER, please give her HELL.

Here’s a big “HI” for her, spelled, Haldol and Invega.

I hope she gets those, too.


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