Whoredoms of the Bride

I don’t know how to say this without being too obtuse.

You and I, we had something long ago before you cut yourself loose.

That was back in 99.  Many years ago.

You and I, we had history then; it was really quite a show.  So I hear.


And I get upended in a head-on collision.  You abandoned me.  For your other lovers.

You left me.  You abandoned me.  And I could count your lovers, too.  I know them well.

I can count the scars you put in me through them.

All of your lovers.  From your Whoredoms.


And you claim to be so pure.  But I know better than that.

All you ever do is mock me.  All you ever do is talk back.  Never with respect.

And so here, here’s an ultimatum.

I know the Dragon’s coming for you.

I saw in a dream that you were Cath-0-Lick.

Or, maybe it was Lady Gaga told me.  Or maybe it was a vision.

But, anyway, your good buddy the dragon that you love to hang with…


Well, he had a little spill.  He’ll be down for a spell.

Maybe longer.

But he surely appreciates all the whores you sent his way.

And let them rub their breasts against him.

He sure appreciates it.  What a flirt!  He is.

He used to claim he would get on work release,

Return and charge a fee for a smell of vaginal fluid on the end of his finger.

I said, Keep it yourself!  Use it for a sucker!

That whore of a Bride that’s chosen  you over me, she’s a sucker!

And you brought him his many whores, and he loved it so much.

And you prance, and you mince as you, to catch all the boys.

But I know your game.

And I know the name of your boyfriend your Dragon.


And he’s laid up in a bed now, caught for stalking me.

But he doesn’t know who I am.  Oh, he knows me.  But he doesn’t KNOW me.  (Like you)


And I challenged him in 02, said give me all you got, and he did.

He said, “I’ll give you anything, any sin you want to commit.  Just worship me.”

I said, Go Jump!


But now I see that you turned into a whore.  Maybe I should have chosen another way

Rather than trusting in ye.

Oh well.  He sure loves his harlots and thanks you for taking them to him.

He sure loves his harlots and thanks for you for being like them.

I think we’re done.  You and me.


But just so’s ya know, his hell is gettin’ hot, he’s gonna start demandin’ more of ya.

Your lover Lucifer.

He just might turn your rosary into a noose.

I’m just warnin’ ya.  Cut the cord.


He’s been courtin’ the Mormons, painting the piping in their temple.

Put himself like a fetus in their baptismal font, twelve oxen around him.

If that isn’t serious, I don’t know what is.

He’s been courtin’ the Mormons.  Soon he’ll be headed your way.

He wanted to snag me, but I said, No way!


He’ll be headed your way.

He’ll be headed your way.

This is a warning.  The devil’s coming.


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