Solar Eclipse Smashes My Town

I tried to find Sam’s Town when I was in Vegas.

Walked from my Motel 6 down from Excalibur to Boulder Station.

I had tried, or thought, or hoped to make it to Sam’s Town.

But I did not make it on that attempt.

The walk down and back  nearly wiped me out as it was.

I watched a strange movie in Spanish.  “Hombre Busca Novio Para Su Mujer.”

Something like that.  I didn’t finish it.


The name Sam’s Town was catchy to me.

With Solar Eclipse 2017 bearing down on my town so quick,

I am of necessity to say something of My Town.

I haven’t lived here long.  I just moved here.

I did stay in the psychiatric ward of this town every time I was hospitalized.

I had the chance to stare out the window, wondering if I would ever see a sunset again.

But now this is my town.  I’m here to stay.

It was just the school shopping town when I grew up.

We kids we always did our school shopping here in the “big city” before school began.

It’s really just a semi-normal sized town as far as towns go.

But the world converges.  It is the hot spot at least in this area for the eclipse.


Prediction is that half a million will descend.

That is 10 times the population of this town.

Reminds me of when an homer shall yield an ephah.

I read that in Isaiah.

Anyway, the sun is about to be covered in sackcloth on the heels of blood moons.

I see this as quite Apocalyptic.  Anybody else?


Anyway, my town, if you do show for this Olympic event.  Actually, bigger than that.  It’s quite a big astronomical event to get a full solar eclipse around here.  Generally, they are only partial solar eclipses.  But his IS a big deal.  The community has turned it to finance sense.  I became more aware because my home in the Hotel I would definitely HAVE TO evacuate before that date, because my room was already rented by that time, five months ahead of time.  And that was lowly Motel 6.  Even the Mormon College town (with the Mormon University) is opening up student housing for outsiders, which is strange, as strict as that university is, telling even me I was too liberal for their hallowed halls, after I’d earned 104 credits.

But, here it comes.  The big event.  The event of the millennium for us.  Actually more than millennium.  A town this size, we don’t usually see Olympic-scale events.  Some might want to stay.  It is a pretty place.  But also uber-super-Archie-ultra conservative.  And that’s kind of why I write this.  I am not well-received here.  I am a pariah amongst them.  That’s why they loved locking me up more than loving me.  I’m too liberal, they say.  I’m a rebel, they say.  I guess, just simple, I have a bad reputation.

You’ve got to understand, this is the place of have’s and have not’s.  It is the capital of US and THEM.  The “members” and “non-members” as though it were the color of skin, visible to everyone, because they “just know” who are “members” of their church.  They can smell ’em, I guess.  So they say.  And they hate Californians.  I don’t include myself.  I’m just trying to state some of their gossip for those who may venture this way for Solar Eclipse 2017.  There are many that hate “city people.”  This is a very country hick place.  Some say redneck, but the rednecks really ain’t country hicks, but rather those that just ruin the mufflers on the pickups to blast the eardrums from everyone.

It’s a calm place, and I just gotta say, All they’re seein’ here for come August is dollar signs.  They’re not lookin’ at reality.  They just re-did their Mormon temple that was built in ’54 thinkin’ they’ll sucker in a lot more people to join their clan and pay their dues.  In fact, they’re still going through the “showing off” phase of their newly remodeled gem, or shrine, as I like to call it, but that offends them.  Show and tell, whatever you want to call it.  I just about gotta kick ’em so they don’t bark out their “niceness” as I walk by.  I just like to be left alone, unless a person has a shred of sense.  And they don’t.

The Mormons have their own gods amongst themselves.  They coronate them, as “leaders.”  But they are gods to them.  They must pass through an intense hierarchy to get there.  But some get there quick.  Those leaders can say anything, and it is immediately law.  They are not to be questioned by anyone for any reason.  That is their law.  And that’s what makes them  gods, or 666, if you will, DCXVI.  No repeat.  No restate.  It is as they say.  They don’t have to go along with established.  If the leader says it, so is it.  Generally.  Some upper might swoop in to crack a lower, just to prove his “power” or “authority.”  But that is the exception.  But in all cases, they are very authoritative and strong-handed.  In general, their book of rules has been discarded, the scriptures.  Rather, the exception has come to be rule, and that is the reason for the chaos.  The chaos in this people.  They all believe themselves gods or soon-to-be gods.  Because the Mormons rule.  They are the cops.  They are the judges.  I’m not kidding.  Just be aware, if you do come this way.

They don’t expect people to talk.  They don’t like expression.  Warning:  they don’t like artists, who are expressive in any way.  The great majority have been Mormon missionaries, and if you hear what I’m sayin’, know this:  they like to do the talkin’ if there is any talkin’.  Even if they talk to you, it is not an indication to talk.  All that is expected is “Hello.”  Or, “Have a nice day.”  Go beyond that, you’re looking at cops and either harassment or stalking charges in this “ultra-conservative”  community.  But with 10:1 swooping in, most likely Liberals the great majority of them, I doubt they’ll have cops to handle everything if there are scuffles over ideologies that break out.

I repeat, These people are very set in their ways.  They only want to indoctrinate anyone who comes their way.  They’re not expecting to listen.  I just ask that anyone who comes this way, possibly, maybe be aware.  And be wary.  They don’t like me, and they don’t like anyone like me.  Just so you know.  I was borne here, but I don’t fit in here.  I never did.  That’s why I don’t talk much myself.  I tried to.  It didn’t work.  I just run.  I just run and run and run.  The falls is pretty.  West Yellowstone is close.  Waterfalls at Mesa.  Lunar-like rocks at Craters of the Moon.  Openings to come at Idaho National Lab.  Talks of bringing in Community College.  Mountains.  Streams.  Fishing aplenty.  Skiing.  Hiking.  All of outdoorsy adventurism and the cabins to go with it.  The Mesa Falls Marathon that may attract a few more this year.  And so on.  Jackson, Wyoming not far.  The Teton Mountain range close with many preferred hiking trails and sites.

But, be careful, if you come this way.  Don’t get stuck in a psychiatric center or jail over “speaking your mind.”  And for all intents and purpose, keep religion in your pocket.  Freedom of religion don’t exist here.  Mormonsim rules.  Just so you know.  Just down the road, Rexburg was known to have more millionaires per capita per square mile than anywhere else in the country.  The people has gotten rich, fat, prideful, arrogant, stuck-up, and they don’t want to hear other ways of doing things or other opinions of any kind.  If it don’t come from their “prophets”  or “leaders”, they don’t want to hear about it.  The witchcraft they do in the dark builds their egos strong, but it can’t last forever.  Pride will always have its fall.

Anyway, Welcome to My Town.  But remember, you have the right to remain silent.  If you come here, you might want to exercise that right, and stay the fuck outta jail.  I learned my lesson the hard way.  To me, this is the town of unlocked gates.  The town with no protective wall.  They’re too confident of their “persuasions.”  They don’t think they need more walls.  This is possibly the place described where all nations descend.  But again, a land of bribes, not a land of justice.  Don’t expect justice here, but what justice you make yourself.  I’m foreseeing a war of ideologies, not guns and tanks.  But it may end up being more than ideologies before it’s over.  I’m giving caution to myself, as Isaiah said, to lock myself up for a brief moment “while the terror is passed.”  I have a feeling there will be war.  Of some kind or another, ideologies will clash, and consequence there will be.  Maybe picking up the pieces might make this a great place, finally, to live.  A New Jerusalem of sorts.  I’m crossing my fingers.


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