Conversations With Myself 101

Welcome, class.  You may be seated.  I know you thought you had an extra day to do your homework, but please pass those sheets forward at this time.  Oh, and as you know, this is Conversations With Myself 101, or 111 or whatever people have called it over the years.  I prefer to call it, Conversations With Myself 101, if you please.  No more mistakes, please.  That is the official name.

Now, for starters, how many of you knew I had two brothers?  Hands, please.  Hmmm…that many, huh?  How many of your know about Isaac Isidor Rabi??  Hmmm…that few, huh?  Well, I told you that today was pop quiz today.  Actually, I didn’t tell you.  Hee hee.  That’s why it’s a pop quiz.  Duh!  Anyway, here goes.  My oldest brother says to me, You don’t belong.  The other brother, the second one (I AM the third.) says to me, You DO belong, but just don’t EVER follow me!  So, What is the answer to that riddle?  Please write legibly so that I can read.

Okay, question, number 2:  topic:  Isaac Isidor Rabi.  Physicist, yes?  Well, you know that he discovered the spin of electrons.  What song is most related to this topic.  Hint:  It is NOT “Twist and Shout.”  (If it were up to me, clockwise or counterclockwise, I’d let them switch back-and-forth, but for some reason, Heisenberg disallowed with his “Uncertainty Principle.”)  This question is worth DOUBLE points, just because I said so.

Question Number 3:  Albert Einstein was born in the golden (EI, the year with the element number gold:  79) as also was I, but one century later.  What is the difference between Einstein and me?  Oh, and, uh, this question is worth triple points.  Yea, I really did say that.  TRIPLE points.  You did hear me correct.

Okay, put your total at the top.  Total outta six.  I’ll put the math here for you.

One out of six = 166.

two out of six = 333.

three out of six = 500

four out of six = 666

five out of six = 832.

six out of six = 998.

Yes, my math is correct.  Out of 1000, what are your scores.  And, please, don’t tell me 1001, or I will refer you to the dean’s office for removal.  Good day.  You are excused.  And so am I.  Excuse me.


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