Dear Manchester

Dear Manchester,

I have never been to England, but I dreamt there one time.  I had visited a museum and left to the port where to travel as parting point.  I have seen plenty of terror in my own life.  Now I watch and observe, as it were, elements of my own life transported to the global scene.  Terror is despicable and burdensome.

Years in terror drag on like Vampires sucking one’s blood day and night.  Some people have no heart.  Some people have no love.  Some people exist only sneer at another’s demise or discomfort.  It is terribly sad, but it is true.  Those who say one thing often hide true intentions and meanings behind masks and alternate sensations.  True faces rarely seen.  Often people say in the moment only what aims to gain gratification and pleasure.

Of a truth, always danger there is in showing one’s true intent; in showing genuine love or concern.  There are wolves who will quickly pounce and devour for their own gain that good that may abide or exist in an individual.  All the more reason to encourage strength.  Encourage love.

I suppose I line this up in a lengthy feed tagged for Manchester and Ariana Grande.  I don’t know her, but I know music, and I have heard her songs on occasion.  I am not writing this about her, but about the heart.  The power of hearts to be broken and healed again.

I add a caution in showing love, to watch out for those who would abuse of love.  Be wary.  Be cautious of the abusers who lurk with frowning faces and fake sympathy.  My hope, and why I write, there is no solution in weapons and weaponries and nations stockpiling arms.  There may be war, yes, but strength is not a gun.  Strength is not a bomb.  Strength is enduring through the thick and thin of life, believing in love even if there is none, believing in a God even if there is none, believing in friendship even if there is none.  Believe and that belief becomes reality.  There is no reason to engender hate and sneering, even at the haters.  It is time to engender strength and inner fortitude for times now and future.  Garner strength, not fear.  Gather caution, not haste.  Be free.  Be free to believe in a better.


Daniel Peterson


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