Charter for Life

I ask myself why so many people have so many headaches anymore.  Headaches and backaches and neckaches, but I think people is craning the neck too much to look at the watch to check the time.  Craning the neck too much to look at the calendar to check the to-do list.  I mean, c’mon, people.  And in jail, I I I got blamed for GIVING people headaches.  Ha!  BS.  How could a lowly so lowly soul as my own possibly give another person a Headache!!!  I mean, get real.  It’s all that unnecessary glancing at watches and sundials and shadows and street signs leaning at weird angles.  Right?  I mean, cutting off the little blood pieces from getting to other parts and places in the brain and the head might create headaches.  Am I right or am I right?

I decided right here to uncode the mystery of life for everyone.  Either that or make everything just one dimension more complicated for everybody.  But either way, the freedom to BE what a human being is meant to be, now allows me to state opinions clearly and openly with only the fear of jail time, hospitalizations, gangs and bullying brutality, and possibly just a bit of snide back talk.  Beyond that, why worry, right?

Here goes:  Charter For Life, the Four Principles upon which to base a complete, full, happy, fulfilling, and effulgent life.  I would like to say something profound at this point so that all my faithful, diligent readers would feel not only inspired but motivated to immediately start a whole new life and a whole new regimen under an entirely new paradigm of thought, behavior, and motivation.  But at the same time, I am a realist, and I can only argue that any further writing would only confuse this blog post all the more.  JUST KIDDING!

So, seriously now, give me your opinions.  I call it the diamond-tree-air-river theory.  I hate having to leave a writing over for another day to be finished, but I may have to on this one.  The topic is just SOOOOOO great to be explored in such brief moments…

The diamond refers to bonds, as in people.  The tree refers to patterns and the fractals small that grow grow grow into the giant itself, pattern by pattern, not unlike the spiral that spins and spins itself out out out.  The air refers to moderation and air soft and smooth, at times rough and violent, not always congregating in tiny little air packets like neutron stars that should someone breathe would immediately transform him/her to superhero(ine) status, but rather spread spread spread.  And the river refers to endurance, as to river to water to flow to evaporate to cloud to rain to river, etc. in cycles of endurance and enduring enduring enduring.  Patterns.  Cycles.  Growth. Design.  = HAPPINESS!

Okay, somebody needs to put me out of my misery.  I was having more fun when my 12-year-old students took the microscope and started studying ear wax under a microscope.  Wow!  That was, like the best school day ever!  And the diamond-tree-air-river theory just sounds lame compared to all that awesome magnified, lumpy ear wax.  Does somebody have a gun?!  Put me out of my misery, please.

Anybody need some good advice how to tick off fellow inmates in jail?  Or, how about more ideas for the next time I land in there???!  I could really use some.  Pleeeeeezzzzse.  I need to learn how to give more people headaches.


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