Trumpets Alley

I can hear trumpets in the distance.

I can hear the marching of armies in array.

Armies to battle, sounding the trumpets.

Oh, I can hear trumpets.

I can hear trumpets.  I can hear the beat beat beat of the drums.

Oh, I can hear trumpets sounding louder and louder.


No one hears them but me.  I hear them loud and clear.

The beat beat of the drumsd.  I have heard it before,

But now I have a feeling they’re not after me, anymore.

I have a feeling I have a feeling.  It’s just a feeling,

But I think the enemy is here.

Batten down the hatchets.  Get ready for the storm.  No one is in the clear.

The unpleasantness, the bitter drags on for years,

The mourning for the daed, and dead there will be.

The pain.  The suffering.  the intensity.

I can hear the tru


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