Forbidden Fruits

The cockatrice has no mercy.  The cockatrice has no soul.

From the same root as the serpent, it also has grown, but it has no soul.

And he was hung on the cross–perfect puppet for the purpose.

But Adam brought him to life by forbidden fruits.

And if you eat the cockatrice fruit, it just might kill.

Wormwood, poison, and the water is no good,

Because there is no soul in him.

There is no soul in him, but Adam is to blame,

Brought the cockatrice in.

Brought the cockatrice in.

He pays a debt that he owes, but only that.  Nothing more.


Perdition has to play in overtime.

Perdition, to pay off his debt, must play in overtime.

Perdition must play in overtime.

Do you remember?


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