There’s a drug that outdoes all the rest.

There’s a drug far better than the rest.

I know I could sell it.  I’d make lots of money.

But I’d rather give it away for free.


There’s a drug–An Optimal Performance-enHancing Drug (OPHD)

There’s a performance-enhancing drug far better than the rest.

The name itself passes all the tests.


I’d like to sell it, but I’d make too much money.

I wouldn’t know how to spend it, so I’d rather give it for free.

Side effects, almost none.  Although this has not been studied in-depth.

It can kill, though.  Must proceed with caution.

One requirement:  Humility.

The drug is fail-proof.  Works like a charm.  Every time.

It’s been tested for ages and ages and ages.


I built it, and it built me.  It destroyed me, and I destroyed it, too.

It will make anyone, everyone, bigger, faster stronger, better at anything, everything.

Sounds too good to be true, I know.  But it isn’t.  It isn’t.

It must be taken daily or will be ineffective.


The name of the OPHD is THE DRAGON.

It takes on verbal commitment, but even swallowing a pill requires opening the mouth.

His number is 77.  His name, if you use it, is Lamech.  Suffice for now.  There are others.

Toy with the number.  Toy with the name.

You’ll get opposition, resistance, an invincible foe who will make you…invincible, too.

That is, if you don’t die first.  Humility.  Else, failure.

Try it.  Works like a charm.  Works every time.

You must win.  Or die.  Don’t call him up unless you are ready.

Ready Player One?

(This isn’t a joke.  Please do not treat it as such.)


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