A Lullaby to My King

It’s time to forget about Jesus’ cross.

We must carry each our own now.  No laying it on his shoulders.

We each our own cross to bear.  We each our own cross to bear.


Two sets of hands created the world.  Two sets of hands the universe.

They built the world on tough love.  And the world entire grew on it.

And I thank the Lord for his work.  I thank for his Creation.

He just likes to do it again and again.  He likes going on to creation.

And he is Eternal, but we are not.  He and the Father both.  But we are not.

We are different from him.  We are different from them.

And when we criticize, we only speak lies, things of which we do not know.


He asked me to sing him a lullaby.  It is time for him to rest.  So he said to me.

I am done with my journey, he said.  Let me rest.  Let me rest in peace.  Let me rest rest.


And I was weak, but he made me strong.  I was small, but he grew me tall.

No aide of man or man’s education and sparks.  By faith alone he built me tall.

I was pretty boy, and I had a pretty face.  Now I am ugly, and I have an ugly face.

He asked me he asked me to sing him a lullaby, the very moment that I became strong.

He asked me to sing him a lullaby when I passed everybody with my song.


And so I do, and here I am.  Anyone who sings to him is mine enemy; so he stated to me.

You don’t want to see my face.  I have an ugly face.  But if you turn to him, you will see my face.

My ugly face.  You will see my face, my ugly face.

If you ever turn to him to lay a burden on him (He is tired, time to rest), you will see my ugly face.

You will you will you will see my ugly face.


He commissioned me, and this is my lullaby.

And if you ask anything of him, he will turn you to me, and you will see my ugly face.

I a human like the rest of you.  He and the Father are gods.  They alone.  And we are man.


But I was weak.  He made me strong.   I was small.  He grew me tall.

They called me plucky.  They called me feisty.

But I went from feisty to strong.  From plucky to fast.

And you will face my past if ever you try to gather garner by his name a single blessing again.


The days of atoning are ceased.  The days of transgression are done.  Judgment is come.

Judgment is come.


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