Fly Away Fly Fly Fly Away

Our Father Which Art in Heaven, Hallowed Be They Name.

Thy Kingdom Come.  Thy will be Done.  On Earth.  As it is in Heaven.


And in my dreams I went to the Creations of the Father.

I saw them all from beginning to end.  All the planets.

Supernovas, starts, and galaxies, and I buzzed buzzed buzzed past them all.

But I was left with a sinking feeling.

At the end of it all.  There was nothing, just an empty grid extending into space.

And I felt sad.  God wasn’t the God that I thought I knew.  What a letdown!

And I cried my REM eyes back into dreams.


And I wish that I could tell Super Girl.

I wish that I could tell Wonder Woman, the Creator of all things,

How disappointed I am that she left her labors.

And why did you shirk?  Why did you shirk?

I think no one paid attention to all of her work.

I think she did it all, but in the end felt empty, sad, alone, and forlorn.


So, today, I practiced the slow race.  Go as slow as I possibly can.

I tried to be an actor.  Pretend my ankle was fractured as it once was.

And do the slow race.  Try to pick up the missing pieces from the former place.

And understand not from a Jedi stance, but from a Yoga Master,

With slow movements, why and why and why did God cease to build??

I had thought it was built on evil, but then I learned that evil usurped it.

I learned that Lucifer usurped it.

They told me Lucifer had no body.

But when I punched him in the mouth, his blood was red as mine.

When I punched him, he bled just like me.


And there was a time when generations ago God the Father was a widow.

Seraphath.  Seraphath.  And she was only one sandwich from death.

But she had one son.  Had the others died?  I don’t know.

And a prophet man of God said, Feed me first.  Then, yourself.

It was a bargain to make with the Queen of Everything.

It was a bargain, and she scares every man, but somehow he boldness talked.

And she complied.

And her son died.  She asked that he bring him back to life.

And he wondered, Why?  Woman?  Why?

But he ran and he ran, and seven times warmed the body of the child with all of his heat.

And the boy breathed again…

And again, he brought her boy back to life.

Singing like a lion brought her boy back to life.

A Beautiful Lie.

Up in the Air.

The  Kill. — “Marry me.  Marry me.”

And his buddy blood brother they put on the cross.

Cried out, Eli Eli lama Sabacthani.  “He’s calling to Elijah”, they said.

And now he has a bit of a twisted mind.  He was thirsty, and they gave him vinegar.

Now he has a bit of a twisted mind.

I wonder about watching him perform the Independence of my wife’s homeland.

And he spins and he twirls with wings etched on his back, and Nightmare of Christmas on his shoulder.

And he spins and he sings the greatest music that I ever heard.

And a week ago, I hear for the first time Miss Murder on the radio.

The local radio.  First time I ever hear his voice so close.

And I exclaimed in joy and exultation!!!

But I know his words Miss Murder and Love Like Winter,

Must be flipped upside-down to be understand.

Only way to not get shot down by the onslaught of alien haters and their arrows and darts, sent from my other part.

But the first kept his symbols.  They couldn’t crack his codes.  Of symbols and triangles.


But my shadow keeps sneaking and wrecking the art.

But she’s a gambler, she’s no creator.  But she stole all of creation for her beau.

At least she wishes she were with him.  But he doesn’t even remember her.

She has power like none other in the book the book she wrote,

The Manual of Witchcraft.

But I combined it with the other book.  Now, there’s no looking back.

It’s now or never.  Only the Father knows the hour.   Not the angels or the son of man.

Lucifer’s bodyguards have gone on vacation.  It’s time to vacate ‘im.

Lucifer’s bodyguards have gone on vacation.  It’s time to vacate ‘im.


Dear Seraphath, such a famine as you had in those days,

So few survived for the starvation that was endured.  Before rain was ever sent.

But there was a book.  And in it a code.  That no one could ever break.

And so long as it remained, it spread magic like a cancer everwhere, to the greedy hearts.

Of the greedy people of all the land.  It gave them power power power.

And the Father remained powerless.  Committed all power to the son.

To break the code.  To open the book.  To undo its seals.  Its seven seals.


And they sent artificial intelligence up against me.

Thinking with all computers to defeat me.

But I do numbers for a hobby.  Like a pastime.

And I threw infinity at all of the theorems, and they all fell apart.

Their vector spaces and associate commutative gave up ‘neath the pressure of my art.

I’m an artist with numbers.

Just like mc^2 and the speed of light limits, limits mean nothing without infinity.


And infinity must be understood above all things before limits can be understood.

But Lamech never cared about limits.  He felt infinite.  Without them.  He felt limitless.

And the number seven, the number of Cain, he increased to 77 in order to gain.

But he didn’t understand the reasoning of the seven.

The didn’t understand the reason its existence–and the sabbatical year.

Let everything rest, take away all the debts.

He didn’t understand the power of 7.

And its own invincibility.


‘Cause I walk by a number 421, and I think of 7, for binary.

And binary tries and tries what would be decimal places of base 7.

Tries and tries to conquer the seven-pointed star.

The five-pointed, they think, because easily, and Luciferians use it again and again.

But seven is for wings, of angels that sing.  And 7 cannot be conquered by computerized things.

The seven the seven is super resilient strong.

Five for head arms and legs, plus two for the flying wings.

The seraphims that fly.  The seraphims that fly.

They cover themselves with arms and legs.

And my dear, you also have wings.

Great Creator, Wonder Woman, Super Girl, you also have wings.

And you can fly.

For thine is the Kingdom. And the Power.  And the Glory.  Forever. Amen.



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