Memories of Better Times

Once I learned the word “logarithm” in high school, I wanted to turn everything.

Into logarithms.

And no girl every turned me down.  I thought it was weird.

So we just danced and played Mario Cart and went to caves and Maze

To our heart’s delight!

Oh, I long for those days.

Like the summer of ’97.

And running cutting hay running cutting hay and running cutting hay.

More than nine miles a day every day running before I cut hay.

Half-marathons my pleasure, but life turned darker far later.


And I wish that I had those days again.  When crushes were easy.

Girls actually responded a letter.

Letter for letter, girls responded a letter.  But not anymore.


And we had Homecoming games and homecoming dances.

Homecoming queens and Homecoming homework.

But I still remember those days, as though they were yesterday.

And I still remember those days as though they were yesterday.

Homecomings and long hours dancing.


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